The Protagonists of the Myth

50 ex-employees tell the story of Carlo Abarth's factory
from 1949 to 1971

by Luca Gastaldi & Sergio Seccatore

Abarth Memories

Carlo Abarth's factory remembered by more than 50 ex-employees: mechanics, engineers, drivers, managers, secretaries... Everybody with their amazing witnesses...
Some names are famous - Renzo Avidano, Stefano Iacoponi, Antonio Tomaini, Mario Poltronieri, Arturo Merzario... - but many others who are unknown to the public also worked at Abarth when the "Scorpione" was simply great.

Carlo Abarth is one of the most important man in the history of international motor industries. A name became a brand, a symbol, a myth.
Behind this name there is a man with great ability, real skill for business and technical knowledge. Behind this brand there are unique cars.

In addition to these features, we must remember many women and men who worked in this factory with passion. People with many stories to tell, all connected to the history of the Scorpione's factory.
We have looked for many of them. We have wanted to interview them, in order to give them name, face and voice.

And mostly we want to find a "new" Abarth - the "first" Abarth lived with its founder Carlo Abarth, from 1949 to 1971 - thanks to their witnesses and experiences.

Abarth Memories